71 Garfield

Green Garage

Cars Plus Solar Carport

Mariner's Inn

Elevator Building

36th District Court

Michigan Science Center

Cass Tech

UofD Mercy

Michigan Urban Farming Initiative

Food Field

Navitas House

Wayne State University - Engineering Technology Building

West Village Solar Alley Light

Parking Lot Array

El Moore

Apartment Balcony Solar

Highland Park Solar Street Light

El Moore Gardens

Detroit Solar Tour

In October 2016, Detroit Green Map in collaboration with Solar Party Detroit hosted the first ever Detroit Solar Tour!  This tour was part of the American Solar Energy Society’s National Solar Home Tour, the worlds largest grassroots solar event.  If you missed this awesome event, you can check out some photos from the ride here, and rest assured we will be hosting more tours in the future!  Follow us here and on Facebook for more information.

We’ll also be updating the information on this site as we learn more about different solar installations in the city. If you know of a solar array or installation that we’ve missed please click the button below and let us know!

Welcome to the Detroit Solar Tour!

Here you will find information about many of the sites in Detroit using solar or other sources of renewable energy to power their homes or buildings.