Apartment Balcony Solar

100 watt + Battery Storage

This system is designed for apartment dwellers who want to take part of their life off-grid at an affordable cost. It consists of a 100-watt solar panel (fits on a typical balcony or porch) and a portable off-grid-outlet, or O-GO. The O-GO charges up from the solar panel on the balcony and then can be wheeled around the apartment to power various devices. The O-GO has a 12-volt, 50-amp-hour battery and a 600-watt inverter inside and can deliver about 300 watt-hours on a charge. This means it can power a 100-watt light bulb for three hours, a 10-watt disco light for 30 hours, a 100-watt oscillating fan for three hours, or a 4-watt phone charger for 75 hours.

444 W. Willis