Detroit Edison Public School Academy

2.25 kW Solar Array  |  2.4 kW Wind Turbine


Detroit Edison Public School Academy participated in the Michigan Renewable Schools Program (MRSP) in SY 2010/11 and received a solar photovoltaic (PV) pavilion and wind turbine installation, teacher professional development, lab kits, and a program banner.

Energy Works Michigan administers the MRSP for the state of Michigan and hired Windemuller to install the 2.25 kW solar PV pavilion and 2.4 kW wind turbine.  The systems were commissioned on May 12, 2011.

Detroit Edison Public School Academy has several other green initiatives. The school has a student run Green Team that organized a student energy behavioral program. The program incentivizes other students at the school to practice energy conservation. The school also has a recycling program that involves students to teach them the importance of reducing waste and recycling. In addition, the school has entered a contract with a new food vendor to provide healthier food for school lunches.

1903 Wilkins St, Detroit, MI 48207